We’re proud to have our zines stocked at the one and only Powell’s Books (powells) in Annie’s home town of Portland, OR!

Our Etsy shop is back from vacation, so pick up some zines today!


everydaypants asked:

Hey! We're still accepting submissions for the nanny zine. They've been on the slow side. We would LOVE for you to submit something, especially if you could do it asap!


Oh! Great to hear it. I might write something up real quick then.




Hey y’all! Looking for submissions for the second issue of the nanny zine we put out last year. Please re-post/spread the word however you’d like! 


Collecting submissions for The Hand That Rocks The Cradle #2, 

a zine about nannying, made by nannies!

Do you have a horror story? A highlight? A list of things you’ve learned? Reflections on whether or not you want to be a parent now that you’ve been a nanny? An experience specific to being a POC/LGBTQ caretaker? 

Being a nanny is a tough, but rewarding job. It’s heartwrenching, aggravating, awkward, hilarious, sweet, and very personal - it’s a job unlike many others. We all have a lot to say when we get together. Let’s put it all into a zine. 

Any and all contributions are appreciated. We’d like to get as many perspectives as possible. Feel free to compose your submissions vaguely or submit anonymously for yours or your nanny family’s protection. We’re looking for variety - writing, comics, art, etc. All are fair game.

This will be a half-sized zine, so please submit all contributions at 300dpi, 5.5x8.5 or leave the formatting up to us. 

Deadline: June 16th - to debut the zine at the Philly Feminist Zine Fest (June 28)

Submit all contributions to: nannyzine@gmail.com”

awesome! so many stories…

This zine looks neat!

Bummed I missed the deadline on this, but I’m excited to read it.


The great Minutemen album “Double Nickels on the Dime" was released 30 years ago this summer. I’m putting together a tribute comics anthology and want to invite you to participate.

DEADLINE: All files to w@craghead.com by July 5, 2014

GIG: 2-5 pages (ask me for more if needed),  5.5 x 8.5. in. each, no bleed (leave about 3/8 inch all around) black and white, tones ok. We’ll be printing this “econo” (Minutemen style) so don’t get too fancy. Send me 300 dpi tiffs or jpegs. Dropbox links ok. If you make weird stuff, email me and we’ll figure out how to get it in this thing. There’s room in the van for all kinds of craziness.

SPIEL: Base your piece on a song from “Double Nickels on the Dime.” See track list.  It would be cool to use lyrics as words but we’re not demanding that. Please don’t just illustrate, make something new. 

MERSH: $5/page + your % of net profits after that is paid off + 10 copies. Price will depend on how much stuff we get. 

Email me with questions etc. This project is open to anyone anywhere so feel free to pass it along. We plan to have the book printed and released at SPX this fall. 


Hat tip to M Mendes and her Friday Night Lights tribute book for inspiration. also to R McConnell and his Gossip Girl book.

Hear it

Read about it

See more Minutemen who are the greatest

Putting this here as a reminder to myself to submit something.

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Yo providence has prime cuisine. there was no need to resort to taco bell.


Not quite sure what you mean by “resort to.” Sounds like you need to “live mas.” (Really though we did get oysters and lobster at Hemenway’s on another day - next time we have to get a bigger lobster)


Super psyched to announce that we’ll be joining our friends essential-industry, displacedsnail, Research and Destroy, and over a dozen others at Pete’s Mini Zine Fest this July!

We’ve actually never attended Pete’s before, but we’ve heard nothing but great things from those who have. It’s a small fest with a laid back vibe, hosted by a bar. So come grab some beers, buy some zines, and hang out!

More details and tabler list

Facebook event

Our exit from Providence began with a delicious diner breakfast. Then we went to an indoor flea market with a 25 cent entry fee (Tim scored two books here!), and broke up the trip back to NY with a stop off in Hartford, CT, at total hole in the wall Jumping Frog books.

The last photo is our total haul from the weekend. Top row Annie’s, rest are Tim’s, who could barely fit them all in his suitcase.

More photos from this trip here.

More photos from our “book [buying] tour” of Providence. We hit up Ada, Cellar Stories, and Symposium Books all in a row, and they all get hearty thumbs up from us. Then we ate some disappointing Mexican food and compensated by going to the mall and getting Taco Bell. Word.

More photos from this trip here.

More photos from our biblio-cation in Providence (with a quick detour to Franklin, MA).

A big thank you to Chris, the owner of Ada Books, who bought copies of our zines to stock in the store. In addition to running a great bookstore (one of our favorite in the city for sure - check it out if you’re in town), Chris was super friendly and we ended up chatting for a long time about our favorite bookstores, the book business, and New Orleans.

We also wound up doing consignment with the Armageddon Shop record store - so you can find our zines there as well! Brent, who runs that place, was also great to talk to, and filled us in on the art scene in Providence, past and present. “I wanted to make the kind of record store I was excited to go to when we were kids,” he told us, “and that record store had zines.”

More photos from this trip here.